Our ever evolving creative minds have led us not only to advance in the choice of Fabrics for products but to come out

with a top notch end product that satisfies our creative appetite.

Established in 2015 on the 22nd December, Accra Ghana, Style Volt has grown into that perfect Afrocentric brand that

seems to find its own path in our fashion industry.

With our team of non-exhaustive creative designers, we have clothed over a 100 grooms, groomsmen and other persons

for various occasions.

The high demand for styling services has taken us across the length and breadth of Ghana and beyond and has a clientele

in other west African countries like Nigeria, Congo, Cote d’ivoire and other parts. Plans are currently underway to establish

Style Volt Nigeria.

Style Volt provides a broad selection of contemporary fashion options with a unique blend of Africa's finest prints, symbols.

As a brand, Style Volts intends to go beyond the regular styling options by going the extra mile of bringing into realization the

many ideas from the client.

Clients therefore get to participate in every step of the creative process if they so wish to.

Style Volt has started a revolution in the fashion industry by the range of services that it has offered over its period of existence.

Our services and products are offered in the realest time there is.

It can only get better and on every step of the revolutionary process, we intend to carry you along. Style Volt still the gentleman’s


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StyleVolt’s accessories are custom made with authentic materials and I won’t hesitate to recommend them to any man who has a classic sense of fashion

Kwesi Annan
(Banking Official, FBL)

True style at affordable prices. StyleVolt is your best bet.

Prince Dagadu